The Martin Quest

Just before we left the country for a couple of weeks (though I wasn’t aware of it ’til last night), my favourite Martin gave a nice plug for this site on his much more visually dazzling one. Since Martin has given me dozens of hours of help getting this thing going, I must certainly return the favour. Marty subtitles his site “A Growing Repository of All That is Good”, and for my money, he’s actually being somewhat humble when he says that. It’s massive, and it’s very, very good.

He pours a sensational amount of time and intelligence and technical skill into his site. It’s full of news and visuals on his family, his posse and his faith community — Martin is one of the Dynamic Bahá’í Dudes of Ottawa — but also some very thoughtful information and lively discussions on the most important parts of our world conversation (so say I): spiritual enrichment, education for peace, the power of unity and the search for the ultimate set of speakers. There’s always something happening at The Quest.

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