Hitting a Buck Sixty-Five

No, members of PETR (People for the Ethical Treatment of Rappers), I’m not talking about Nova Scotia’s baseball-lovin’ hip-hop poet. This is all about my stats, and I wouldn’t be publishing this number if it was my baseball batting average, which would be hitting so far below my weight as to make me cry. (Unless, maybe, it was for hitting against the Cardinals’ Chris Carpenter, in which case it wouldn’t be quite so hideous). But on this cool, world serious afternoon, I have just posted the 165th (generally overlong for web logs) entry on this cyberspace obsession in the past year. (And that doesn’t count all the backlogged ones written from May to July that, because of repeatedly being struck out by technical gremlins, I haven’t yet been able to post to the site.) So YAY, ME! I hope you’ll pardon my self-congratulation, but if not me, whom? If not now, whenever?

I also have a ferocious hitting streak going with my guitar, having banged on six strings for over 65 straight days. I’m well on my way to hitting three sixty-five, and you can tune in to this epic, this mid-life musical odyssey by going to my “On Second Thought” section. (You’ll be glad you did.) (I’m hopeful.)

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