From Blog to Movement. (.com?)

So what’s the point of this website? In an earlier conception, Mad Martin had called the site “Howden Movement”, and I was perplexed.

“What, I’m a movement already? The masses are going to rally behind my brilliant leadership on the way to, um, well, wherever it is I’m going?”

“No, no, not exactly, it was more like—“

“Howden Movement. Howden Movement. Sounds like a promo for laxatives, or something. You know, BMs? Does anybody call them that any more? Nurses, maybe?”

“No, not really, it was just—“

Not that I was going to let Businessman Martin get a word in edgewise or anywise. Because this was my website, first and only, and I’m a Name Guy, shoulda seen how long it took to name my kids (or my intramural flag football team, for that matter). I kept running prospective names by whatever unfortunate soul happened to call me or walk by. Not to mention that The Perfect Choices were already taken. Probably some greasy speculator in domain names, selfish jerk!

And then I remembered why I’d consulted My Favourite Martin in the first place – he knows how to make things happen, and is now one of them. Nifty! The whole point of the site is to get some of my writing out there, to get ME in motion toward long-imagined destinations. (Howden Movement: that would be the opposite of HowdInertia.) So, this is a shameless forum for my ideas and projects. It may prompt you to write to me, and this would be delicious. (I can’t promise replies, but the world is full of possibility. If you catch clumsy thinking, heaven forbid, typos, let me know. Keep in mind that Canadian spelling does have stronger links to French sources for English words, like “centre” and “odour”.)

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