“Dalian, Dalian, Dalian-ward…!”: A Family Newsletter

The excitement is hitting me this morning, as it periodically does. A 4:30 a.m. bathroom stumble turned into an hour of restlessness, thinking of all that is changing in our lives and all of you that are steady in our thoughts. The insects are buzzing, the birds sing (as do the fishing boats and motorbikes), and the sun is preparing to turn a warm and humid night into a blazing sweatbox day in Macau. I’m sitting by the pool in our hotel on the isle of Coloane in this former Portuguese colony that is now one of the Special Administrative Regions of China. CHINA. There isn’t a lot of lounging time, so by the time I finish writing this newsletter, I expect that we will be in Dalian, a small village of about four million in northeastern China. (CHINA!)

I’ll try to be brief. (I will fail. Skim as you wish.)

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Getting the Word Out

Faithful browsers, this is just a quick note to point out that there are other ways to get your periodic jolt of all things Howdenian. My family and I, ensconced as we now are in Dalian, China, have started a site here to record our observations and experiences, and it will be photo-friendly and much more pithy-brief than my commentaries on . Our semi-annual Howdy Herald, a family newsletter, is going out to more people than probably, strictly speaking, actually need that much input about me and mine. I’ve included it in the “On Second Thought” portion of the site, for those of you interested in the details of my family brewings and doings.