A Brief Public Service Announcement

Just a quick note, friends of HowdyDOTCom, about a new posting and a brief guide to this website. It’s easy to get here, the At First Glance section. Also to the right is the It’s All About Sports! section, and below that is another repository of writing called On Second Thought. I don’t often post there, and it’s always longer pieces, sometimes more academic, sometimes just homely family things. I’ve just posted about 5000 words on the meaning of sport – especially in the lives of North American men – and I rather like it! There it lies, near your eyes.

Getting the Word Out

Faithful browsers, this is just a quick note to point out that there are other ways to get your periodic jolt of all things Howdenian. My family and I, ensconced as we now are in Dalian, China, have started a site here to record our observations and experiences, and it will be photo-friendly and much more pithy-brief than my commentaries on . Our semi-annual Howdy Herald, a family newsletter, is going out to more people than probably, strictly speaking, actually need that much input about me and mine. I’ve included it in the “On Second Thought” portion of the site, for those of you interested in the details of my family brewings and doings.