Pre-Packaged Romance

Yes, it’s all about the loving. I don’t care much for Hallmark, for commercially driven expressions of personal devotion. But my lady likes Valentine’s Day, and so do I. (There may even be a causal connection between those two statements. Happy wife, happy life, someone smarter than me has said.) No roses this time, and I forgot the chocolate [note to self – it’s never too late for truffles], but big son had little son under control, we were in the Star of Siam for Thai goodies, and my hand-scribbled card did the trick again. [Note to self: it was an interesting choice to guess what the Cyrillic script meant on that Russian card in the bottom of the correspondence drawer. Happy New Year?? Yikes. So close to goodness, though, and it did have some hearts on it.] There has to be something good about being married to a struggling writer. Hallmark needs me!