Chad Harbach (on hopes for his baby)

Chad Harbach, author of the acclaimed 2011 novel The Art of Fielding, says he is most proud of a literary/social discourse magazine that he helped to found in 2004. n+1 is still rolling, no easy thing for a publication aimed at people’s higher selves rather than their wallets and knickers. Recently, an on-line interviewer asked Mr. Harbach this question: “Do you have an ultimate goal in mind for n+1, a moment…when your initial inspiration for the publication will have been fulfilled?” I adored this off-the-top-of-his-head reply.

“Hmm. I guess when wealth is equitably distributed; global warming is halted; and thoughtful, nourishing public discourse about literature and politics becomes normal and unremarkable, then n+1’s work is done. It might take a while…”

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