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Old and Borrowed, But Far From Shabby

The Howden telegraph runs very slowly at times, and I often like it like that. For example, Big Sister just forwarded to me a fine article that gives a perspective on how Canada is seen (and NOT seen) by the world. It’s terrific and relatively timeless commentary, but the one timely reference told me that it had been written some time ago.

Close to five years ago, in fact, which may surprise you. (It did me.) The infamous “friendly fire” incident, in which four Canadian soldiers were killed by American flyers in Afghanistan, happened in 2002. A writer named Kevin Myers, in the UK Sunday Telegraph, wrote this fine piece that goes far behind the story-of-the-moment to get to what so little of our media diet provides: a deeper understanding of the way things are, and why. It was called “A Salute to a Brave and Modest Nation”, and you can find it here.

Whether you are a proud Canuck or you know little about Canadian history and achievement – and these categories, unfortunately, are NOT mutually exclusive! – you may find this interesting, even illuminating. (It may even feel like a vicarious pat on the back from out of the blue.) It’s well written and worth reading, even a half decade later. The good stuff always is.

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