Howden’s Handy Home Delivery

Hold on to your hats and don’t forget to breathe, friends and neighbours, because I should tell you this exciting news. This site is set up so that you can automatically receive my posts, if you wish. AND if you have the appropriate software, which I understand is easy to get. (And at this point, a technological disclaimer which won’t surprise you: I have a slightly impaired understanding of this whole process. But don’t despair…)

There is a wee button on the lower right of this pane, underneath the quote box (“He Said/She Said”), called XML Feed. You can subscribe to the news feeds on my site if you have a news reader installed on your computer or browser. One friend reports: “I’d already added your site to my subscriptions on NetNewsReader (the application that I use for keeping up with my favourite blogs). I clicked on the XML feed; that took me straight to my sub in etNewsReader, which shows it’s easy as click to subscribe…”

To learn more about news reader applications, click here. For a list of the different ways and means to subscribe, you can easily (I’m told) follow this link. Then you can get your favourite on-line info-fixes — if, hypothetically, they happened to be mine — automatically. (On the other hand, I can completely understand if you prefer to do your daily wander through my dense forest of archival prose. Mark your trail so you can get out…)

Some of you have (gently) complained that this site doesn’t have a “Leave a Comment” section. That’s true, it’s not designed for that, but you can always push my “Write Me!button to comment, correct, question or advise. I’d love to hear from you. I have even been known to reply.

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