Garnet ‘n’ Grey: Oops

Well, I was right about York. I feel a bit sorry for the GeeGees, as Ottawa U has made big progress this year – defined mostly as having beaten Carleton for the first time in Coach DeAveiro’s seven seasons (at the Raven’s Nest, no less) but also in having earned a top 5 ranking for much of the year. And then their superb freshman, Josh Gibson-Bascombe, went down and now they graduate nearly everybody else. (Well, I hope they graduate; eligibility is done for four of their top seven guys, I think.) They have their foothold in Ottawa recruiting, and they have a national profile. And their sports information guy is fanatical, by CIS standards. I just hope it’s not the coach that has to do all that extra writing for each game setup and result; I did that job way too diligently as a high school coach in the hoops desert.

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