A School With Heart & Soul

I spent a terrific Saturday in the library of a local elementary school, sitting around with other moms and dads and grandmas. (The guy knows how to party.) We were trying to learn a few things about how to do our parenting, our partnering, and all our family and community relationships better. My youngest son goes to a school that uses Steiner educational principles. If you’ve heard of “Waldorf” schools and methods, that’s the more common name for schools that are based on the teachings of the philosopher Rudolf Steiner. Anyway, though I’ve been in education and childrearing since, oh, the invention of chalk, there was good stuff there.

A consultant named Gene Campbell had been brought in, and she helped us all to learn a little more about this approach to education that is doing such fine things for our kids, and which has such promise for the building of communities, too. I wrote an article for local press consumption, which you can find in the On Second Thought section of this site.

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