Remembrance Day. A Touch of Bruce.

I almost forgot to emerge from my second-floor grotto for 11 a.m., but the Green Lady had the day off and she helped me remember. We don’t watch a lot of television, but the dear ol’ CBC had the national memorial on screen, and we were able to tune it in. Diana held one wire of our 19th-century TV antenna, and I held the other. Neither of us needed to stand on one foot this time; my left hand was raised, her right, and our wee bouts of sobbing as the wreaths were laid did nothing to disturb our tenuous grasp on the signal. Another thing to be thankful for, along with Silver Cross mothers, Parliament’s eternal flame and those faithful old fellows. Thanks to them, thanks for all.

Another small bout of gratitude, too, because Radio One programming, which we’d turned on for better sound, went straight to Sounds Like Canada and did it ever: Shelagh Rogers was interviewing Bruce Cockburn. He has a new album, which I’d like to take credit for. I’ve been thinking for a long time that he should put out an album of his brilliant finger-picking instrumental pieces. Well, not that I ever told anybody, but I guess they picked up on my brainwaves. (Mighty buggers, they are.) Speechless is the new album, a bunch of the best guitar work Bruce Almighty has done along with a few new pieces. He sat for half an hour and played some, talked some, in studio. Superb in both languages.